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Thursday، 21 October 2021
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The effect of technology in Architecture of Arts Museum

Farzaneh HadafiMuseums are a place mainly for maintaining ancient heritage, culture and society, works of artists and inventors, and the whole any monumental thing seems to be last for ever.
Museum rose from modern age, when freezing past become a new way of looking past. In industrialize countries museum has played a main role introducing the past, as a passed event in past. But in civilization and in progress countries a museum has not played the same feel.

Museum in building and things represented inside of the walls of it needs some extraordinary infrastructures in order to encourage interests. Nowadays, beside of conceptual type of building, in order to not being just a place for forgotten things, the museum managers are busy. For not being a silent place, the museums emerge beside some other cultural centers and are active in schemes such as entertainment, researching and camping programs. Some museums attendances in context of city and peoples everyday life via renting the museum space to people, offices and other business aims for celebrating programs and ceremonies.
In the era of domination of digitalization, in spite of acceptation of digital media in artist's world, architects and museum managers are searching a way representing virtual art in physical world. It's a question that beside of on-line and virtual museums, does museum palaces would still exist forever? Does it need to be considered differences between museums of archeology, science, architecture, technology and mass media in concept, form and structure? And how we could display digital technology via solid materials like stone, brick and glass?
Although museums are a place for just disconnecting from real world and taking some time in them, and also showing off exposed structures, entertainment facilities like restaurants, coffee shops, markets and other physical places (which has been successful till now), but it needs to be explored that in world of IT how art and architecture would strengthened and how they respond to the investigating sense of unrevealed and interest of unusual experiences of spectators who use the space? In order to answer such these questions we need to accurate and bright recognition of existing space and response to visual demands and enrich brave minds.

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