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Thursday، 20 January 2022
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Climatic designing and environmental sustainability

Mahnaz Mahmoodi“A climatic designing is an approach to the ways and means by which we would be able to take any necessary measures to achieve sustainable development and environment sustainability aims. In a climatic designing process, first and foremost the type of local or regional climate, atmospheric conditions and local weather where building are planned are typically taken in to account”.
Meanwhile, the main aim of climatic designing is to adopt the best approach to designing for the erosion of needs for heat and cooling of a building by substituting natural energies instead of fossilized and electrical energies. This designing process dates back to native architecture of different regions in the world including Iran. They, however, fell in to oblivion with the advent of modern architecture. Therefore, in the exercises of climatic designing the consideration of ways in which the old visions of climatic designing can prove useful. Nowadays, this type of designing has made progress so far that warm water and light in the building can be supplied without using fossilized energies.
The use of resources and renewable energies technology is one of key principles in sustainable development. There are three main reasons for this allegation:
1. these new sources affect the environment much less than other energy sources.
2. These sources are renewable and are not depleted like fossilized fuels.
3. The energy required for small communities would be supplied in a cost effective way.

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